Meet Lorrie

Lorrie Baetge Fulton

Lorrie Baetge Fulton

Hello and welcome to the first blog from our temporary Sonoma Valley Historical Society website.  A new website is being created for us, and it will be up and running soon.

For those who do not know her, I would like to introduce Collections Manager Lorrie Baetge Fulton.  She is in charge of the Sonoma Valley Historical Society’s archives, located in the Marcy House at 205 First street West (next to the Police Station).

Lorrie loves to answer questions about Sonoma: about the town, your family, some place you remember and want more information on, or a photo you’d like to know more about. You can contact her at  or 707.343.1335.

We also want you to know that the Depot Park Museum is closed during this corona virus emergency. As soon as it’s safe, we’ll open our doors again.

During this time of sheltering in place, your Historical Society and its volunteers are working on projects to share with you.  Thanks to the generosity of Russell Johnson, we will soon have a video version of our “Play Ball-Part 1” exhibit to share on our website. There will be a link on this blog when it is ready.

And while you're sheltering at home and cleaning those closets, please remember that we are always looking for photos of Sonoma and Sonoma folk to preserve in our archives--documents too!

Please stay safe.

The board of the Sonoma Valley Historical Society