Marcy House Archives and Research Center

Marcy HouseThe Sonoma Valley Historical Society’s Archives at the MARCY HOUSE ARCHIVES AND RESEARCH CENTER (205 First Street West) holds the extensive collection of local history books, genealogical publications, historical photographs, oral histories, maps, building records, and City records documenting Sonoma Valley and Sonoma County.

The Archives maintains an archive of over 50,000 historical photographs. The Archives also contains Sonoma burial records, voting and census records, and other information about the people and places of Sonoma Valley.



Persons wishing to conduct research in person should contact Collection Manager Lorrie Fulton, in advance, to schedule an appointment via email

The Marcy House Archives are open Tuesday through Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm. calling in advanced is advised 707-343-1335


All artifacts that we accept into the collection must fit with the SV Historical Society mission and the needs of the collection. If you think you have an artifact that we might be interested in, please contact the Collections Manager or Curator/Archivist. We’ll need a brief description of the item, its origin and history if known, and general dimensions before we accept or decline the donation. Please do not send or drop off an object until you have spoken with a Curator or Archivist.

SV Historical Society cannot guarantee that objects will be displayed. Only a small portion of the SV Historical Society collection is exhibited at any given time. SV Historical Society reserves the right to decline objects if they are inconsistent with our collections needs, duplicates, not in good condition or if they contain hazardous materials.

Please note:

Objects are not accepted as long-term loans;

SV Historical Society will not store artifacts that are not donated to us;

SV Historical Society does not make, arrange or pay for appraisals of artifacts.

To inquire about an artifact donation, contact the president or the archivist,